The “home” of Kansas City's Filipino community, the Filipino Cultural Center (FCC) is a 3,600 SF multi-purpose facility. It is the place for dance and choir rehearsals, as well as a venue for cultural presentations, exhibits, educational workshops, and social activities. Inaugurated in 2000 the building represents the dream of many of the community's pioneers.


That dream was first conceived in 1975 by Dr. Antonio Racela.  The Sinag-Tala Performing Arts Troupe, founded 3 years earlier, needed rehearsal space – and the Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City needed a base for its meetings and other activities.  Many doubted the ambition of such an undertaking.  However, over the next 25 years, Dr. Lillian Pardo led the charge as the FCC Executive Director to make this dream come true.

In 1978 the Association acquired its first property, now known as the Philippine House, a renovated lawn mower repair building that was converted into a one-room multi-purpose space.  Then in 1994 with the establishment of the FCCF, the 1.5 acre lot adjacent to the Philippine House was acquired.  Planning for a new, permanent building began in 1996.  The first phase of the FCC was completed 4 years later, inaugurated in time for the Association’s annual Fiesta Filipina.


Based on the emerging needs of our community, we have already outgrown our space. The Phase II Expansion Project, spearheaded by the FCCF, will increase the size of the FCC by 50%. Preliminary concepts were introduced in 2009, and major strides are expected for the project as it moves forward in 2010 and beyond. The expansion will include:

  • Permanent exhibit space for cultural artifacts.
  • Filipiniana library and conference room.
  • Dedicated storage space.
  • Private office(s).
  • Larger vestibule and entry.
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Expansion Progress

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The FCCF supports a broad range of cultural programming, including the performing arts (dance and choir), visual arts (native artifacts and exhibits), and educational projects. More...

Working in conjunction with the Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City, the FCCF engages in fundraising actvities to sustain the endeavors and long-range goals of the community. More...

Help our growing and increasingly active community. The Phase II Expansion Project adds space to the Filipino Cultural Center. Consider making a contribution to our building fund. More...