The Filipino Cultural Center Foundation (FCCF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to foster, promote, and support Filipino cultural and community programs in the greater Kansas City area; and to establish and support a building fund for the Filipino Cultural Center, the "home" of our local Filipino community. Working in conjunction with the Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City, the FCCF engages in fundraising actvities to sustain the endeavors and long-range goals of the community.


The FCCF continues to support the Filipino Association, consistent with its long-range priorities. The Foundation receives and administers funds from donors to the Filipino Cultural Center through various fundraising activities. Its primary goals are:

  • To plan, develop, and implement a capital fund campaign for the completion, maintenance, and support of the Filipino Cultural Center.

  • To establish a permanent exhibit area for cultural, educational, and scientific artifacts of historical and societal impact to the greater Kansas City community.

  • To promote, maintain, and support the cultural arts, education, and community service programs.

  • To reach out to the community at large for participation in educational, social, and health programs.


Since purchasing property in Overland Park, KS in 1978, the Filipino Association had been working steadfastly and patiently to build its dream - the Filipino Cultural Center - a building that would reflect its rich cultural heritage. However its fundraising efforts were slow, encumbered by the other general activities of the organization.

The FCCF was incorporated in 1994 with the main purpose of establishing a building fund for the Filipino Cultural Center. Over the next several years, the Foundation conducted a dedicated capital fund campaign. In 2000 Phase I of the Filipino Cultural Center was successfully completed.

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Board of Directors

Beth Rosas

Vice President
Amy Mesina

Paul de los Santos

Elvira Berry

Jose Bayani
Alan de los Santos
Mirla de los Santos
Lisa Hopkins
Lillian Pardo
Manuel Pardo
Jun Puno
Ernie Rosas
Arnulfo Sulit
Shirley Sulit
Adela Tan
Edward Tumanut

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Our “home” is the Filipino Cultural Center, a multi-purpose facility completed in 2000. The Phase II Expansion Project will increase its size by 50%, adding a library, exhibition hall, and storage. More...

The FCCF supports a broad range of cultural programming, including the performing arts (dance and choir), visual arts (native artifacts and exhibits), and educational projects. More...

Help our growing and increasingly active community. The Phase II Expansion Project adds space to the Filipino Cultural Center. Consider making a contribution to our building fund. More...